Juju Noda – Motorsport’s Next Generation



The All Japan Show recently had the opportunity to have a short interview with up and coming racing driver Juju Noda.

She is the daughter of Hideki Noda, who raced in Formula 1 in 1994 as well as other categories since.

What follows is the short interview that was conducted.



Q : Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about you ? 


A: I’m Juju Noda from Japan. I’m 14 years old. I started racing karts when I was 3 years old.

I decided to be a professional racing driver when I was 5. Since then my family and I have put all our effort into it.

I like animals and my dream is to make a facility for wild animals to protect after becoming a successful racing driver.


Q : What began your interest in motorsport ? 


A: I am influenced by my father of course


Q : Who has influenced you as a driver ? 


A : No one except my father


Q : Is there any circuits you would like to race at that you haven’t raced at before ? 


A : Not particularly, I would like to race on as many circuits as possible.


Q : Which circuit is your favourite ? 


A : I don’t know many circuits. It’s a very difficult question for me.


Q : What are your goals for 2020 ? 


A : I would like to have as much racing experience and knowledge as possible to be a competitive racing driver


Q : What is your ultimate goal in motorsport ? 


A : Win the title of F1, Indycar, Le Mans, Formula E and the W Series



The All Japan Show thanks Juju and Hideki Noda for making this interview possible


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